Helpful Reminders About Your 2024 Health Care Coverage

Photo of a group of health care workers

Thank you for participating in the 2024 STRS Ohio Health Care Program. As the new plan year begins, here are some helpful reminders. The plans are your main source of information about your coverage, so please contact them directly with questions.

  • ID cards — If you have not yet received your new ID card, please contact Aetna or CVS.
  • Mail service prescriptions — Active prescriptions for noncontrolled medications with refills remaining were transferred to CVS from Express Scripts. However, your payment information and any instructions for refills were not transferred. Next steps: If you haven’t already done so, contact CVS to provide payment information and set up automatic refills. Keep in mind, prescriptions cannot be dispensed without payment, so it’s important to provide CVS with your payment information.
  • Medication status changes — CVS mailed letters to enrollees who have medications changing copayment tiers, formulary medications no longer covered or medications subject to prior authorization, quantity limits or step therapy. Next steps: If any action is required, please follow the instructions in the letter, which may involve you reaching out to your physicians.
  • Formulary changes — If you received a letter from CVS indicating your medication is no longer covered, you can still obtain your current medication through March 30, 2024, to allow time to work with your physicians to change medications or start the formulary exception process.
  • New utilization management rules — If your current medication has new rules for prior authorization, quantity limits or step therapy, you will need to work with your physicians to review the requirements for your medication. Medicare enrollees can still obtain their current medication through March 30, 2024, even if it has new utilization rules under CVS. However, non-Medicare enrollees will experience new utilization management as of Jan. 1, 2024. Please work with your physicians now to meet the new requirements.
  • Prior authorizationFor prescriptions: Prior authorizations were transferred to CVS from Express Scripts. You can contact CVS to verify your prior authorization. For hospital/medical services: If prior authorization was granted in 2023 for a procedure or treatment scheduled on or after Jan. 1, 2024, please contact Aetna to check on your prior authorization.
  • Plan coverage documents — Your 2024 plan coverage documents are available in the Health Care section of the STRS Ohio website under Publications & Forms. If you have questions about your coverage, please contact Aetna or CVS directly.

Additionally, we encourage you to set up a secure online account with Aetna and CVS. To register for an account, visit the plan’s website and click the login or register button in the top right corner of the page. We also encourage you to check the network status of your doctor or pharmacy before obtaining services. Please visit the Aetna or CVS website or call your plan to find out if your provider participates in the network.