Ohio Retirement Study Council Releases Report Highlighting Good Stewardship of STRS Ohio

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The Ohio Retirement Study Council (ORSC) released a detailed report of Ohio’s five statewide public pension systems at its April 11 meeting. The report focused on the challenges and opportunities faced by STRS Ohio and its sister pension funds from 1998 to 2022. The report concludes STRS Ohio has been effectively managed and describes its long-term investment returns as “remarkable.”

In her comments during the ORSC meeting, STRS Ohio's Acting Executive Director Lynn A. Hoover said the report “provides a thorough analysis of how Ohio’s public pension funds have faced recent challenges and continued to provide a reliable retirement for Ohio’s public employees. I think it’s key to note that STRS Ohio’s fund recovery has been a strategic effort carefully designed to ensure sustainability and is on the path to continued strength and resilience.”

Hoover pointed out that despite STRS Ohio’s strong investment returns, member contributions have increased 40% while benefits have been reduced. As a result, “we will ask the Ohio General Assembly to consider legislation that will raise the employer contribution rate,” Hoover said. She added that STRS Ohio is actively meeting with state lawmakers to secure sponsors for such legislation.

The complete Ohio Retirement Study Council report is available as a PDF.

Lynn Hoover’s remarks from the ORSC meeting can be viewed here.